Posted By : Carolyn Beachley
Posted : 6/12/2015
Comments : How do you begin to thank so many for all the times they have been there in good times & bad for both me & my “babies”. It is impossible to me. A simple thank you is not enough. I have been blessed to have such great, compassionate,caring& loving people for so long. I am retired & will be moving to the beach, & the hardest thing for me to leave are these wonderful people. I have had so many pets over the years & they are my “kids” as we do not have the human kind. These wonderful people understand this & have NEVER let me or my pets down. They have held my hand while I cried, & also when it was joyful news. Paula, Kim, Susan & to the new angels that I have not met you will never know what you mean to me. Jay, Dr Reed there are no words to express my thanks. This is the best & only place to take your beloved “babies”. The care they give is better than you would get from your Dr. & as a retired RN I can say that with complete confidence. Does your Dr personality call & check on you….these Doctors do. They call the next day to see how your pet is & are always available. Thank you God for putting such wonderful people in our lives & I know without a doubt they are not replaceable. I just want everyone to know how very grateful I am to these heroes & that is exactly what they are . I love you all & will miss you more than you will know. You have helped me through some ruff times & your shoes will be impossible to fill. Much love to all & may God Bless You. With sincere thanks, Carolyn

Posted By : Jeff Conyers
Posted : 10/2/2014
Comments : We initially meet Dr Murphy on his first day of work at Plantation Animal Hospital. On that day he performed surgery on our Yellow Lab Gabby (Blazey’s mama). Many moons have come and gone since then and he has cared for and treated our dogs like they were his own. Although this is not pleasant to convey, we recently HAD a flea problem with our current two Yellow Labs….12 year old Blazey (Dr Murphy met him and his 9 brothers and sisters when they were 1 day old) and 3 year old Bossman. Following a recent visit out of town, these boys managed to retrieve a Flea problem We bombed, sprayed, and powered everything in sight around our home and yard for a couple of weeks and continued to have the problem. During a visit to see Dr. Murphy yesterday, he recommended we give the boys Bravecto which is a single dose oral chew that kills fleas and tick for 3 months. In addition to other details, Dr Murphy explained that it would start working 2 hours after being administered. Frankly, I was skeptical. This morning, I could not find a flea on the dogs. NONE. Absolutely incredible! Thank you Dr. Murphy for helping our family…again!

Posted By : Carolyn Connell
Posted : 6/5/2013
Comments : A few weeks ago, we had to have our beloved yellow lab, Maddison Faith put down. Dr. Jay Murphy and his staff have more than met Maddison’s medical needs along with adding a lot of TLC along the way during the over fifteen years she lived. He is the best of the best in his field, and it is reflected not only in his professionalism, knowledge, and last but not least his caring manner. On each and every visit, he sat down in the floor with Maddison and assured her that all was well. On the last day of her life, he and his staff made a very tough time as easy as possible. I can not say enough about that experience. If you are in need of a great vet, Plantation Animal Hospital is the place to go. We are forever grateful.

Posted By : Lisa Winters
Posted : 4/10/2012
Comments : My dog Cooper is a rescue and can be very timid/scared with new situations and people. I can not thank Dr. Murphy and his wonderful staff enough for being so caring and considerate!!! Each and every person in the office, took the time to let Cooper become comfortable with them, and that means the world to both of us!!! I care for Cooper as if he was my child, and I am so happy to have finally found a veterinary office that both Cooper and I love!! Dr. Murphy and Chris, his vet tech, where both gentle with Cooper and never rushed him during the entire visit!!! I will definitely be recommending this office to everyone I know! Thank you for making something that can be so stressful for my dog, so much less!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Posted By : Jim & Mary Cordle
Posted : 5/22/2009
Comments : My wife Mary and I met Dr Murphy when he began his practice at his current location. We had a wonderful Shih Tzu named Boomer for over 17 years. Dr, Murphy’s compassion and skill as a vet made even the difficult moments bearable. There is no doubt in our mind he is skilled, loves working with animals and, genuinely shares the love of each person’s pet. We now have rescued a White Persian cat. Of course we would not consider having any practice other than Plantation Animal Hospital take care of Kasper!

Posted By : Tammy Papadeas
Posted : 5/21/2009
Comments : Since bringing my beloved lab Sophie to PAH 5 years ago I have been impressed with the quality of care that she has received. Dr. Murphy took over the care of Sophie when his former partner left their practice. As much as we loved him, we now love Dr. Murphy as well. He is truly a great vet and cares so much for his patients. Being in the healthcare field myself, I know great Doctors when I see them and Dr. Murphy is one of them. Sophie recently had minor surgery which Dr. Murphy performed. He always takes the time to discuss Sophie’s health and allows me the time to ask him questions. I never feel rushed when I am there. From the staff at the front desk to the staff in the back, I know that Sophie is always in good hands. As a pet owner that is truly a comfort. Thank you all for what you do not only for my Sophie but for all the pets that you take care of. Tammy Papadeas

Posted By : Lynda Bellamy
Posted : 5/1/2009
Comments : Let me just say I have six rescue dogs with many medical issues, about 25 cats and two birds and Plantation has been taking great care of everyone from the very first day we moved to Matthews when my Dalmatian had her first seizure (some timing, huh?) I work in health care so I know good physicians when I see them; those who take the time to discuss their patients issues, answer any and all questions and any alternative treatments that are available. This is the fifth state that I’ve lived in and the best vets I’ve ever dealt with. And don’t even get me going with the staff, the most fun gals that I would hang out with any time anywhere!!

Posted By : Lyndsey Kissiah
Posted : 11/24/2008
Comments : My pugs Gizmo(8) and Emma(4) are patients of Dr. Murphy and always have been. A few months ago both of my dogs had check-up’s and dental cleanings. Emma went to see Dr. Murphy and Gizmo went to another place near my house. I thought I would try it out since it is so close. Bad mistake! In no way were they horrible nor did they give “bad care” but once you go to Plantation no place will ever compare! They treat your animals with such love and they really do care! If my doctor’s office treated me that way I would not know what to do with myself =) My babies will never go elsewhere.

Posted By : Sonya Turner
Posted : 11/24/2008
Comments : I just wanted to say Plantation Animal Hospital took care of our old guy “Jake” for years.But as he was in his golden years, and his health started to decline, we saw Dr. Reed, who was wonderful and gentle, and just had a genuine caring personality about him. When the day came to make the hardest decision of our families lives, to let Jake go to a much better place, our whole family came to the clinic, our two children, and my husband and myself, and of course we were all crying and saying our good byes to our beloved pet, and you wouldn’t believe what this….Dr.Reed did… he got on the floor, with all of us, petted our old guy, and was just like us, showed so much compassion, it was unbelievable.He explained everything so the kids would understand but was not to be scary, what was going to happen to our sweet old Jake. He showed more compassion than most people we will ever know.It made the procedure or transition so so much better. It made all the difference in the world, for him to be so sweet and humble at a very bad time in our lives. In fact, we still talk about him, and he great compassion for us.Thank you so much for turning a bad situation into a pleasant one. Thank you Dr.Reed

Posted By : Amy Cordle
Posted : 11/14/2008
Comments : Dr. Murphy and his staff took care of my family’s Shih Tzu, Boomer, for many years – basically snatching him from the jaws of death when another animal clinic in Matthews misdiagnosed him. When his time finally came years later, Dr. Murphy was wonderful, kind and compassionate to my family and went above and beyond what anyone could anticipate. Once I was on my own and got my own pet, my cat, Gracie, I took her to Plantation Animal Hospital and Dr. Murphy took care of her as if she were his own pet, taking the time to comfort a scared kitten and talk to her before examining her. Everyone from the reception desk, to the vet techs to the veterinarians are friendly and professional and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take care of my “child”. Plantation Animal Hospital is the BEST!!!